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July 5, 2011
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This is a request by Lucas47-46. He wanted his skymin to vore a random pokemon of my choosing. But I decided since this is techiniclly an art trade with his part a vore pic of skymin eating nevin... That I take this to the next level! Skymin shall vore multiple pokemon and a special surprise at the end. involving a human who was watching skymin the whole time he was voring other pokemon! hehehehehehe. Let the vorish fun begin again. Hope you like this lucas47-46!!!! :D

This vore story begins with a skymin out in a forest. He was hungry and there was nothing to eat for miles... or was there. He loved to vore others but tried to put limits on himself. But today he would not have a limit he would be voring until he was satisfied completely. Though he didn't know that yet... Let the vorish fun begin anew!!!!

Skymin walked on hungry and somewhat tired from walking all day. Usually he didn't walk this much but he was hungry and hunger was driving him to his limits. He wanted something to eat now! And he saw a pikachu up ahead... he snuck up on it and...

"Gotcha!" Skymin shouted as he poucned on the pikachu and started to eat it.

"let me go!" The pikachu shouted struggling to get out of skymin's mouth.

"I'm hungry and your my lunch so no!" Skymin said swallowing more of the pikachu.

"NO NO NO!!" The pikachu shouted futily trying to escape it's fate inside skymin's belly.

But skymin would not let go of his prey once he started to eat it. He swalloed the rest of the pikachu quickly.

"Delicious" Skymin remarked happily enjoying the pikachu's futile struggles to get out of skymin's belly.

"let me out!" Pikachu said still struggling.

"Nope" Skymin remarked rubbing his stomach happily.

The pikachu gave up about then. But skymin was still not full yet. So he went off in search of more pokemon to eat. What he didn't know was that somebody was watching him out of curiosity. Later that would be bad for this mysterious stranger. No that wasn't a fallout 3 reference!

Skymin found more prey soon enough though. This time it was a kirlia. It was dancing around for some reason. It had no idea it was about to be prey however. Skymin waited a minute for the kirlia to rest then pounced grabbing it and shoving it's head into his mouth.

"What the heck!" The kirlia said surprised.

"Now hold still and let me eat you!" Skymin said shoving more of the kirlia into his mouth.

"No!" The kirlia cried out struggling to get out of his mouth.

Skymin started to swallow her now managing to get half of her body into his stomach with the first gulp.

"NO PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!" The kirlia cried futily.

Skymin ignored her pleas to be let out and swallowed the rest of the the kirlia.

"Ah what a sweet taste you have" Skymin said to the struggling kirlia in his stomach.

"Let me out please!" She cried futily struggling to get out.

"Nope what you have is a one way ticket into my stomach." Skymin said to her. "No going back now."

"Don't even bother struggling" the pikachu he had eaten earlier said to her. "He won't listen to you."

"Exactly" Skymin said rubbing his huge belly.

He wanted at least one more and then he'd be full. He exited the story and was near a city at sunset. He then noticed the human watching him... (Also I'm the mysterious stranger as you'll see shortly.)

"Shit!" I said after being seen.

"Who are you?" Skymin asked him. "Why were you following me?!"

"I'm nevin" I said coming into fading daylight.

"Nevin what are you doing here?!" Skymin asked him.

"Wondering what you were up to." I replied.

"Well want to see then?" Skymin asked him grinning.

"No way!" I said about to take off.

At that point skymin pounced me and shoved me into his mouth head first.

"Hey!" I shouted angrily. "What are you doing?!"

"Eating you." Skymin replied happily shoving more of me into his mouth.

"WHY?!" I demanded angrily.

"Because You'll fill me up" Skymin replied starting to swallow me.

I felt his throat close in on me. It was soft and squishy. Afetr a minute or two. Skymin swallowed the rest of me. And I landed inside his now bulgeing stomach and felt the pikachu and kirlia against me.

"There we go now" Skymin said looking like a ball now from the three of us being inside his stomach. "Now I'm satisfied."

I felt the stomach walls close in on me and the two pokemon. They were soft and squishy like his throat. Me and the two pokemon were snuggled together now awaiting out imminent fate.

Skymin had sat down near a tree and was busy rubbing his stomach.

"Well now that I'm full I think I'll sleep this belly off" he said to himself yawning.

He fell asleep soon after. Content and full.

And that's the end of this vore story! I hope you like it Lucas47-46. I worked quite hard on this vore story. :D
A request from lucas47-46. This is in a way an art trade. I make him a skymin as he calls his shaymin oc at least I think it's an oc. Lucas correct me if I'm wrong. He wanted his skymin in a vore story voring some random pokemon. But I took it to the next level. I'm giving his skymin multiple pokemon to vore and then a special twist afterwards involving the secret watcher who watches skymin devour all the other pokemon. hehehehehe Read to find out what happens. hehehehehehehe. Hope you like this lucas47-46!!!
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lilsam138 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
Could you make one on my Mightyena - Shade being vored to death?
HenriTheLucario Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Professional Writer
uh.. explain
lilsam138 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
Well basically,Shade and her friend Terra (A female absol) Are walking in the woods and come to a clearing with a lake,They go to get a drink and see a cave across the water and decide to explore,After going in the cave they discover a seemingly endless cave system with the rooms all looking the same except for the pillars found in the center,They are marked with numbers (I am talking about Turnback cave).Shade was busy talking and turns around to find Terra…Gone! Terra told Shade she got scared but Shade didn't listen and Terra left,So Shade completely Unknowing of how to get out eventually finds a room thats different than the rest and explores it to find Gyratina sleeping on an alter like thing.Shade is scared crazy…She doesn't know what the Legendary will do to her,As soon as she goes to leave she hears rocks fall and turns around. Basically Gyratina Vores her and it's not a nice voring and Shade doesn't make it out alive,Also see if somehow Terra can get vored aswell.You can makeup the rest :D! Let me know if you like it
spikey220 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
XD, nice... i have a kirlia character, she is pissed about this... i better go stop her from being crazy...
HenriTheLucario Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Professional Writer
Cool. Nevin still isn't heppy for me using him like this.

Nevin- You're an ass!
spikey220 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
HenriTheLucario Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Professional Writer

Nevin- Go to hell lucario!
spikey220 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
HenriTheLucario Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Professional Writer
spikey220 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
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